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Erica Lill

Erica is a serial entrepreneur and investor with over 

25 years of business experience. She thrives on assisting companies with all aspects of development, strategy, coaching, brand positioning, marketing, and capital introductions to foster accelerated growth.

Understanding who and how things

can potential fit together is the ultimate win-win when 

growing a company.

Her vast knowledge of business,

real estate and start-ups paired with her network of relationships with family offices and ultra-wealthy investors pairs perfectly with her lifelong enthusiasm for helping businesses achieve their goals, 

Erica's passion is apparent and contagious and is an 

impact-driven professional. 

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Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson has been in Capital Markets for many years now, where he helped secure investors for prominent events and corporate access.

He is from the UK and has a background in geology with experience in mineral exploration across both Canada and Australia, currently residing in Canada.

Tim is excellent at facilitating the formation of lasting relationships between investors and opportunities. His intuitive nature makes him an excellent connector between startups, small cap public companies and high caliber investors throughout North America and the Bahamas.

During his free time Tim likes to stay active and partakes in activities such as, travel, golf, rugby and CrossFit. 

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We Are Looking Forward Working With You

If you don't know where to start with family offices you are not alone.

Meeting family offices and marketing into this space is difficult, this is a closed group that is hard to find and hard to get to know.

Over the years we have built a deep network that can help you chieve your goals, 

introductions to the right people is key.

We work with a few select companies on marketing, coaching and 

capital introductions on a consulting basis.

Finding the right consulants and understanding what they do is an important part of this process. 

We will prepare a program and budget that suits your needs.

Helping you cut through the noise making introductions to investors and 

events that will get you results.

Crossing all sectors of business my astute team and myself can help you with your business goals.

If you are in need of some guidence and introductions please reach out.