Erica Lill & Company

I believe Entrepreneurship is the key that unlocks the potential of the future. 

We solve problems, take risks and can make the world a better place. 

Fund Raising & Impact investments

Raising Capital for your company?

If you don't know where to start or if your fund raising efforts have stalled please reach out to see if I can help. 

I work with select companies with marketing and raising capital through investor 

introductions on a consulting basis. 

Working with you, I will prepare a program and budget that suits your capital needs. 

Helping you cut through the noise making introductions to investors and events that will get you results. 

Crossing all sectors of business my astute team and myself can help you with your capital raising goals.

If you are in need of funding or would like to discuss impact investing let's chat.


Investment properties

Many ways to make money 

in this thriving 

real estate market. 

If you are looking for additional income from owning real estate or redeveloping a property you already own, we are here to help guide you.

Let us help you to come up with a plan for your project.

Raising Funds

Knowing where to start 

can be difficult, 

finding the most efficient

path to go down can be down right impossible without 

help from a seasoned veteran. 

Time and money are a valuable asset for any company.

Allow me to help you cut through the noise.

OZ Projects

For the experienced  investor or if you have just sold an asset and would like to reinvest we can help you with locating, planning, & development of the project or company.

Specializing in Opportunity Zones and other 

impactful projects.