Erica Lill & Co



We Offer Consulting Services For Businesses &

Advisory services to Family Offices 

We work with our Family Office partners find the strategies and opportunities they are looking for.

We are very selective about the companies we choose to represent. 

When we do find a good alignment, we help to prepare them and then bring them into rooms for 

strategic capital introductions.

Helping both parties cut through the noise and save time.

Crossing all sectors of business my astute team and myself can help you with your business goals.

If you are in need of some guidance and introductions please reach out.

Thank you.

Capital introductions

Knowing where to start

can be difficult, rarely do we have all the connections we need to get what we want for our businesses.

It can be very costly finding those contacts so finding the most efficient path to go down can be down right impossible without help from a seasoned veteran.

Time and money are a valuable asset for any company.

Allow us to help you save on both.

• Business Consulting

So much of our time is spent working on our company we rarely take enough time to sit up and look at our company. We will help you get an outside perspective from am experienced team who have founded, operated, purchased and invested in businesses, 

Erica has built companies and buildings, and worked on net Zero before it was cool. 

She has dealt with stalled business, deals that can't get done and employee situations I would rather not talk about!

What can I help you with, it is all fixable.

Strategic partnerships 

We understand how important having the right partners can be for a growing business. We have partnered and have deep relationships with many of the most active and professional family office organizations in North America. We will review the list of potential family office events and manage the process of scheduling your participation for fireside chats, panel discussions and in showcase sessions, both online and in person.

Family Office Advisory 

Family offices need guidance too, so many times the Family member is at the top in any given room, this can be isolating. They are the ones sought out for advice, and are suppose to have all the answers for everyone! 

We are here to help you not feel alone, we can talk you through issues, along with our vast network we can help find you the information you are looking for and we are always happy to help.