Erica Lill & Company

Erica Lill,  Business Advisor &  Real Estate Broker

I opened my first company, Nosidam Travel Planners on Madison in 1994.

Since then my entrepreneurial spirit has taken me down a path of 33 companies and investments. 

Over the past 20 years in my real estate endeavors, I've designed kitchens, flipped houses, developed condos, 

renovated hotels and apartment buildings. 

I also work with the finance side of  business and real estate and understand how to put deals together. ​

As my knowledge grew I became very interested in green building and impact investing.

I have been working with Family Offices and UHNW investors for the past decade.

I have a passion for impact  and hope to leave the world better than I found it.

You can reach me at; 206.886.2428 or [email protected] 

Ron Boursia, Advisor & Broker

Born and raised in the central district of Seattle I graduated from Franklin 

high school in 1991 as my mother did years before. 

I started working with young adults at Seattle children's home, 

then moved into working with at risk kids at Seattle public schools.

I first got my real estate license while working in the school district in 1999, then 

moved into real estate full time in 2005. 

After purchasing my first development property I was hooked, I love helping investors in putting strategic invest strategies together. 

Recently I've enjoyed trading crypto currencies and learning new technologies.

I have a passion for kids and want to help them through real estate.

You can reach me at 206.851.0500 or [email protected]

Hayley Francis, Neon Doves

I’m a freelance interior decorator, stylist, rug slinger, curator, 

and blogger all under the name of Neon Doves, a name that derived from my 

best friend, and old roommate, who I call Dove. 

She calls me Dove, so we’re Doves. 

She’s also a photographer, so it works out quite well. 

Neon was added in because, well, I’m pretty loud. 

Quite the mix, eh? I started Neon Doves in 2015 with a focus on fashion. In 2017, 

I naturally switched my attention to more of a mix of fashion, interior, and obviously RUGS. 

We will let the press speak for the talented Ms. Hayley Francis.

You can reach Hayley at 425.466.5192 or [email protected]